Saturday, January 8, 2011

Walgreens deals 1/9-1/15

RR - Register Rewards
SS - Smart Source (coupon book from the newspaper)
RP - Red Plum
*The dates next to RP and SS are the dates the coupons were released in the Newspaper*

Select Kellogg’s Cereal 12-18.2 oz 2/$5 = $2 RR
Use the buy one get one free Special K coupon found herePay $2.50
Get back a $2 Register Reward (RR)
Final cost ONLY $0.25 per box!

EOS lip balm .25 oz or ultra moisturizing shave cream 7 oz $2.99 = $2 RR
Final cost $0.99!

Tylenol Precise Pain Relief cream 2.5 oz or heat patches 3 or 4 pk $5.99 = $3 RR
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 12/12 RP
Pay $3.99
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost only $0.99!

Go! Kids Multi-Vitamin Gummies 60 ct $5 = $5 RR
Final cost FREE

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap System 8.5 oz $11.99 = $7 RR
Use the $3/1 coupon found in 1/9 SS or found here
Pay $8.99
Get back a $7 RR
Final cost $1.99!

Buy 2 select Chloraseptic Products = $5 RR
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Pocket Pump $3.99 each
Total = $7.98
Use 2 $1/1 Chloraseptic coupons found herePay $5.98
Get back a $5 RR
Final cost ONLY $0.98 total – just $0.49 each!

PillGlide Swallowing Spray $5 = $5 RR
Final cost FREE!

Quaker Quick-1 minute oats 18 oz 2/$3 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/1 coupon found in the 1/2 RP or the $1/1 coupon previously available on Red PlumFinal cost $0.50!

Eclipse 12 piece, Orbit 14 piece $0.69 with in ad coupon
Buy 2 packs of Orbit Gum $1.29 each
Use the buy one get one free Orbit coupon found here (click on “Get Special Savings)
Plus, use the in ad coupon making each pack $0.69
Final cost only $0.09 for 2 packs!

Colgate toothpaste 4.6 oz $1
Use the $1/1 coupon found in the 1/2 SS (some regions only received $0.50/1 coupons)
Final cost FREE!

Reach Total Care floss 30 yds, or toothbrush $2 off with in ad coupon
Deal Scenario #1:
Buy one Reach total care floss $1.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $2/1 coupon found in 10/10 RP
Final cost FREE!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 4 Reach Total Care Toothbrushes $3.99 each
Total = $15.96
Use 2 buy one get one free coupons found in the 10/10 RP
Plus, use the $2/2 coupon found hereAnd finally use the in ad coupon last – making each toothbrush $1.99 (will deduct $8!)
Final cost 4 FREE toothbrushes!

Rembrandt toothpaste or mouthwash Buy 1 at $7.99 get 1 Free with in ad coupon
Use 2 $3/1 coupons found hereFinal cost $0.99 each!
**There are also $2/1 coupons found in the 1/3 RP

Stayfree maxi pads 28-48 pk, Carefree pantiliners 92 pk $3 off with in ad coupon
Buy 2 packages of Stayfree pads 28-48pk priced at $6.49 each
Use the buy one get one free (up to $6 value) coupon found in the 1/9 SS (will deduct $6)
Plus, use the $1/1 Stayfree coupon found here (for the item you’re not getting free)
Use the $3/1 in ad coupon (will deduct $6)
Final cost – 2 packages for FREE!
*NOTE: The printable buy 1 get 1 free coupons are for a smaller count.

TwinLab Max Dots Resveratrol Dietary Supplement Tablets (60 ct) $9.99
Use the $10/1 Walgreens coupon found in the January coupon booklet
(From what I’ve heard this Walgreens coupon auto-adjusts to $9.99 and does not beep!)
Final cost FREE!

Glade Spray, 9 oz $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.50/1 ANY Glade product coupon found hereFinal cost only $0.49!

(Thanks, Hip2Save!)


Walgreens now has a coupon policy on their website HERE

Walgreens is the most tricky store when it comes to using coupons. Although, after you learn their ropes, it is fairly easy. First off, in the front of every store they have Instant Value Coupon Books. These coupon books are normally by their adds for the week. They are free and contain lots of Walgreen Store coupons. With Walgreens you are allowed to use a Walgreens store coupon WITH a manufacturers coupon on the same item. That is double the savings! :) Walgreens also has Register Rewards (RR) print on certain items that are bought. These come out after you have paid and your receipt prints. They are manufacturers coupons as well and can be used with a Walgreens store coupon, but not with another manufacturer coupon. Periodically Walgreens will aslo release a coupon for $3 off of a $15 purchase or something like that. Register Rewards will not "roll". By "roll" I mean if you get one from purchasing Chrest and try to use that Register Reward (RR) to purchase anothe tube of will NOT get another Register Reward (RR). However, you can buy as many Chrest's for the Register Reward (RR) as you would like, as long as they are in seperate transactions and you do not use a Register Reward (RR) to pay. Walgreens also allows a Buy one get one free (BOGO) coupon to be paired with a Buy one get one free (BOGO) sale that they are running. Therefore making both itmes FREE! :)

The reason I say they are the most difficult is because of their coupon to items ratio. Their registers count the number of items and coupons that you have. If you have more coupons than you do items, it will not let you use extra coupons. As an example: I am buying....1 Pledge, 1 diapers, 1 toilet paper. That is 3 items. However, I have 1 coupon for pledge, 2 coupons for diapers (Walgreens store coupon and a manufactuers coupon) and a coupon for the toilet paper. That would be 4 coupons with only 3 items. The register will beep and will tell the cashier I am not allowed to use the last coupon because I have not purchased enough items. A cheap way around this is to pick up a "filler" item to buy so that the coupons go thorugh ok. A great "filler" item would be a cheap item from the holiday isle (pencils 3 for 99 cents) A cheap peice of candy...anything that is CHEAP! After you throw in a "filler" item, your sale would be able to process.

Another thing you have to remember with Walgreens is to MAKE SURE you had them your Manufactuers coupons FIRST, then hand them your Walgreens coupons. This is so that you can get the items for the Cheapest amount possible. If you hand over your Walgreens coupons first that will change the price of an item that you may have gotten cheaper because of the new sale price. Also, if you have a $3 off a $15 order, that coupon will become FIRST, manufactuers coupons second, and walgreens coupons third! Make sence? lol


Hi all,

Getting started with Kroger shoping. I admit, I have NEVER thought I would be shopping at Kroger. I always believed their prices were way too high. However, I have now learned how to work their system.

First - My Kroger DOUBLES coupons up to 50cents-EVERY day. Be sure to call and check the Kroger near you. I know of some that will double up to $1.

Second - Kroger runs great deals almost weekly. They do sales on certain items where if you buy 10 of these items they will take $5 off instantly at the register. There are 50-100 of these eligable items throughout the store. They put them on sale, THEN give you an extra discount at the register for having 10. (you do not have to have 10 of the same thing, they can be a combination of qualified items) Pair that up with a coupon and you pay next to nothing for the items.

They also have the 10 items for $10. Only $1 per item. Pair those items with a 50 cent coupon(which will double to $1) and the item is FREE!

Third - The Kroger Card of course. Just ask for one at the register and you can go online to and Upload COUPONS onto your Kroger card. (crazy right?) After uploading these coupons you go shoping, let them scan your card BEFORE they start ringing your order. As they ring your order if you have a coupon loaded onto your Kroger card for an item that you bought, it will take the electronic coupon off. Pair your electronic coupon, with a paper coupon(that will be doubled) and hello cheap to FREE item.

If your Kroger has a gas station then you will also aquire enough points to get gas at 10cents off per gallon after spending $100, or 3cents off every day with your Kroger card! MORE SAVINGS!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

FREE Pantene Sample

Another way to get coupons is by requestiong FREE samples! Yes, a sample is only good for a one time use, BUT, with as many free samples as you can get of shampoo and body could smell differently every day! And samples have coupons with them 99% of the time! :) So with that being said:
Text PANTENECOLOR to 59999 (NOTE: you will have to text back with your age and address after requesting this sample. So, standard messaging rates apply)

Thanks, Hip2Save

Where do I get all these COUPONS??

This is the most asked question since starting to coupon! The answer is: EVERYWHERE!

You can find coupons in the following places:
Sunday Paper (I suggest getting at least 4 a week)

Tear pads in the store (these can be found in just about every store, on the shelf there will be a little book or what we call a blinkie (box that has a light and you pull the coupons out) Dont leave them empty, but take a few for later, even if your not buying that product right now.

Register Rewards (RR)- These will print on certain products in certain stores AFTER your purchase and recipt have printed. It is basically a coupon for a specific item to use at that store only.

Ordering - Thats right! You can go onto,, (you can use these sights if there is a specific coupon that you would like more of...or if you need a complete coupon insert from the Sunday paper that you forgot to purchase. (NOTE: I do not suggest using this method ALL the time, because you will also have to pay for shipping)

On the internet! This is the second best for coupons after the sunday paper!
The following are websites that you can print coupons off of for FREE!

3. Red Plum
4. Box Tops for Education
6. Betty
7. Eat Better
12. All

(If you click on any of those sites it will take you directly to that site to check it out and start printing.) :)

Learning the lingo!

With coupons and coupons blogs, sometimes even coupon advertisements in the papers you will see some odd words. The following are some of these words and the lingo they use for them:

These are coupon books that come in the Sunday papers:
Procter and Gamble (P&G)
Smart Source (SS
Red Plum (RP)

The following are words from stores. (I will cover what they acctually are in my next few posts.)
Register Rewards (RR)
Mail in Rebate (MIR)
Buy one get one FREE (BYGO)
When you buy (WYB)
Expires (EX)
Extra Care Bucks (ECB)
Easy Saver Catalogs (ESC)
+UP Rewards (+UP)

I belive I have covered all of the terms that you will need to learn. For the first few posts I do I will include the word and the accronym until you all get used to seeing them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back up and running!

Hello all!!

While visiting family in Arkansas I had a LOT of questions about coupons and how I save so much Moola! So, it is only right that I share my secrets and start up my blog again! :) This is the first post I have done in over a year now, so there is no use in looking back and seeing what you can score! lol In the next few days I will cover coupons, different stores policies, I will also include other ways that I help pay for christmas this year and get FREE items! I hope all of you enjoy my blog and I help you save some money, too!