Friday, January 7, 2011

Where do I get all these COUPONS??

This is the most asked question since starting to coupon! The answer is: EVERYWHERE!

You can find coupons in the following places:
Sunday Paper (I suggest getting at least 4 a week)

Tear pads in the store (these can be found in just about every store, on the shelf there will be a little book or what we call a blinkie (box that has a light and you pull the coupons out) Dont leave them empty, but take a few for later, even if your not buying that product right now.

Register Rewards (RR)- These will print on certain products in certain stores AFTER your purchase and recipt have printed. It is basically a coupon for a specific item to use at that store only.

Ordering - Thats right! You can go onto,, (you can use these sights if there is a specific coupon that you would like more of...or if you need a complete coupon insert from the Sunday paper that you forgot to purchase. (NOTE: I do not suggest using this method ALL the time, because you will also have to pay for shipping)

On the internet! This is the second best for coupons after the sunday paper!
The following are websites that you can print coupons off of for FREE!

3. Red Plum
4. Box Tops for Education
6. Betty
7. Eat Better
12. All

(If you click on any of those sites it will take you directly to that site to check it out and start printing.) :)

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